Monday, February 13, 2017

Re: Which maven archetype for GWT applications?

The recommended GWT Archetypes nowadays is one of

It uses

And why you should use one of them:

Splitting your server / shared / client code in different module will make your life easier if you do it at the beginning of your project.

On Monday, February 13, 2017 at 1:56:25 AM UTC+11, Magnus wrote:

I am looking for a suitable archetype for building GWT applications with maven.

I have tried "Codehaus" and "modular-webapp":
  • Codehaus
    With the codehaus archetype, I get a lot of errors when importing the generated project in eclipse.
    It seems that there are plugins missing

  • modular-web-app
    This would be my favorite one, but after importing it into eclipse, it leaves me with 4 (!) top-level projects (1 main and 3 sub-projects).
    Maybe the archetype is good, but this is a behavior that I cannot accept when dealing with many projects. (Can you avoid this?)
I know that there are several methods of using maven with eclipse and that there are different plugins.
Maybe the errors I saw with Codehaus result from this.

However, what can you recommend?


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