Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Re: GWT junit test in super dev mode???

i am following this instruction (http://www.gwtproject.org/doc/latest/DevGuideTesting.html):

Running your test in Manual Mode

Manual-mode tests allow you to run unit tests manually on any browser. In this mode, the JUnitShell main class runs as usual on a specified GWT module, but instead of running the test immediately, it prints out a URL and waits for a browser to connect. You can manually cut and paste this URL into the browser of your choice, and the unit tests will run in that browser.

For example, if you want to run a test in a single browser, you would use the following arguments:

-runStyle Manual:1  

GWT will then show a console message like the following:

Please navigate your browser to this URL:

Point your browser to the specified URL, and the test will run. You may be prompted by the GWT Developer Plugin to accept the connection the first time the test is run.

Manual-mode test targets are not generated by the webAppCreator tool, but you can easily create one by copying the test.prod ant target in the build.xml file to test.manual and adding -runStyle Manual:1 to the -Dgwt.args part. Manual mode can also be used for remote browser testing.

Am Dienstag, 14. Februar 2017 11:52:33 UTC+1 schrieb Daniel Kln:

i setted in the run config the arg: -Dgwt.args="-runStyle Manual:1".

When i start running the gwt unit test, i get a link, which i have to paste into a browser of my choice. This is what i expected. But than the browser shows:

Development Mode requires the GWT Developer Plugin

My question: how i can avoid this problem. In production mode the same result appears. 

Thank you a lot for your help


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