Monday, March 28, 2016

Re: Missing class names in superdevmode

It's expected behavior in GWT 2.8. When starting DevMode there should be a console output saying "Starting CodeServer with parameters ...." so you can see how the SDM CodeServer is launched. It should contain -style OBF for obfuscated JS along with -XmethodNameDisplayMode. I think the primary reason this has been done is to reduce the amount of unoptimized JavaScript generated by SuperDevMode so that browsers can better handle it for large apps.

Don't know from the top of my head if you can change that default by simply passing your own -style parameter. Never tried it. Usually I just "open" the variable to see whats in there and then I know which class it is based on the fields. Generally I would consider it a Chrome issue that methodNameDisplayMode is not applied in variable view.

-- J.

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