Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Getting ClassCastException after GWT upgrade

Below is the sample method i am writing to get selected items and using the values in view calss

public List<TestClass> getSelectedElements(){
       List<TestClass> _items = new ArrayList<TestClass>();
       if(isShowSelectedControl ){
              ListGridRecord[] items = selectedItems.getRecords();
              if(items!= null)
              for (ListGridRecord item : items) {
                     TestClass _item = new TestClass();
       return _items;

while executing " _item.setParents((ArrayList<MyClass>)item.getAttributeAsObject("parent"));"
line its giving a java.lang.ClassCastException:$ cannot be cast to com.proj.shared.MyClass

item.getAttributeAsObject will return a java Object which will have the values of type

is there any way i can get the values as an ArrayList<MyClass> or cast it into ArrayList<MyClass>??

As far as i remember it was working with GWT-2.4.0 & smartgwt-3.0 and it was not giving any casting exception
with upgrade of GWT-2.6.1 and smartgwt-4.1 this problem occurred and its giving casting exception.

Please help

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