Monday, March 28, 2016

Re: Missing class names in superdevmode

Does nobody have this problem? Or am I the only one, who's interested in the actual class being used (especially in polymorphism cases).

I would like to maximize my productivity in a newly started project.

Best regards

Am Freitag, 18. März 2016 07:33:12 UTC+1 schrieb Klemens Schrage:

maybe I missed something within all those GWT 2.8 discussions / jsinterop announcements, but since switching to 2.8 beta (and even current snapshot) chrome doesn't show the variable's class name / type while debugging in dev tools. There is only the obfuscated name. Not the biggest deal on earth but for some cases they are kind of needed. Switching back to 2.7 restores the correct display. Are there any flags I can use? XmethodNameDisplayMode FULL helped for the stack trace but not for the variables view.

Please see attached screenshots from the sample project.

GWT 2.7.0

GWT 2.8.0 snapshot


Best regards

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