Tuesday, March 29, 2016

how Dynamically load a GWT Java class

What I am trying to do is giving user option to upload a GWT composite

As user upload a java class (which is some layout with GWT widgets) , Our application will displays that layout.

lets says its LoginPageView.java class .

Now what i do is , After uploading I place the class in some Client package, so the class is now com.test.client.LoginPageView.java

Now to open this class and show the layout , I have to do

    LoginPageView loginView = new LoginPageView();        RootPanel().get().add(loginView );  

and it will display the uploaded layout.

But I dont know the name of the class as it was added at run time , so the loading of the class will be at run time, But how will that be possible at CLIENT side.

Is there any way .


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