Monday, March 28, 2016

How can I set the parent of an Element?

I am "injecting" HTML code into a contenteditable <div>. Since any content there could potentially be removed with e.g. BACKSPACE, I want to know when this elements are getting detached in order to remove the whole panel from the parent contenteditable div.

However, these events don't seem to work. I managed to get events like Event.ONKEYPRESS etc. but no Attach/DetachEvent.

I also tried a MutationObserver [1] - this is giving me at least the attach/detach event but the problem is that the elements which are coming in, at least those of which I am interested in, do not have a parent.

You can have a look at the code on my github repository if you want but please keep in mind this is just my own experimental stuff. Here [2] is how I "inject" the HTML code into the contenteditable at the caret position and here [3]
you can see the line where I have the problem of the parent being null.

Widget does have a setParent() method but I cannot override it.


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