Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Chrome 49 changes event handling / selection handling behavior in GWT

Developed using GWT.

Prior to Chrome 49 I could use the site perfectly fine, we have a dynamic web page with a tree view and a page view, each having it's own key handlers (copy/paste/up/down etc).

Pre Chrome 49 (and Safari/IE/Firefox) the site's behavior is as intended, pressing a key registers in the proper view I am in.  In Chrome 49, the events are overridden by my tree view, all events go through there and the rest are ignored.

I don't know how else to explain this, but if I revert to a lower version of Chrome or use one of the other browsers, it will work as it did before, where the events are fired in the current view.

Can someone help me understand what changes have been made to GWT/Javascript event handling in Chrome 49?  I have a lot of users and they are complaining, I cannot restructure my whole site because my Safari/Firefox users and even older Chrome users do not have this issue.

I can't even provide an exception or any error logging through GWT Super Dev Mode, there is no actual error, just the wrong event handlers are being triggered.

Thank you

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