Thursday, March 31, 2016

Re: GWT-2.8.0-SNAPSHOT SuperDevMode in Jetbrains IDEA - Exception in GWT ResourceAccumulatorManager after saving file

can I found somewhere a documentation how the CodeServer works?

Only source code ;)

What exactly happens during the startup? Will be the source code compiled again using the eclipse compiler?
Does this compiler compiles in parallel like IDEA?

 When you see "Loading java files in <modulename>" it will load and parse all Java files visible to GWT using JDT. This is done to speed up compilation later. For our app it takes roughly 1 min if SDM caches have been cleaned before. If CodeServer has been launched once and we then only restart it without cleaning caches, it takes about 10-20 seconds to start. This is on OS X, 16 GB RAM (with enough RAM assigned to CodeServer JVM) and SSD.

So as you rarely clear caches, SDM should generally start faster than in GWT 2.7, except the very first time.

-- J.

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