Wednesday, March 30, 2011

RequestFactory and GWT-RPC transferring the same object

I'm facing a little problem, in which I can't find a way on how to make an object to be transfered on both RequestFactory and GWT-RPC servlets.

The problem is as below:
The gwt client receives object A from the database using RequestFactory, edit it using the Editor framework and persists the changes back to the database.
Sometime, in addition to this workflow, the gwt client has to send this object A to external REST server.
To do so, I'm planning about making an gwt-rpc call and on the server side make the call to the REST server with the received object A.
The server side has connection parameters to the REST server  and knows how to do the serialization of the object.

The problem is that I cannot transfer Object A (which is an EntityProxy) on the GWT RPC servlet.
Does that mean that in addition to the DataObject+EntityProxy I need to create another shared object of object A (with exactly the same fields and types)?, create this new object on the client side, and send it over the GWT RPC?

Is there a cleaner way on how to have only one object that can be used on both servlets?

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