Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Re: Rendering labels within text fields

Hey! it worked. Thanks again.

On Mar 31, 5:36 am, Javier <> wrote:
> Are you positioning the elements? z-index only works on positioned
> elements (position:absolute, position:relative, or position:fixed)
> On 30 mar, 04:42, David Pinn <> wrote:
> > I'm trying to render labels inside text fields. When the user begins
> > typing, the labels fade away and become invisible.To accomplish this,
> > I'm giving the TextBox widgets 'background: none; z-index: 10'; and
> > I'm rendering the labels behind them with 'background: #fff; z-index:
> > 1'.
> > Just incidentally, I got the idea for this from
> > The problem: when I click on a field, if the click happens to land on
> > the label, as opposed to an empty space beside the label, the click
> > event does not fire and the field does not receive focus.
> > Do you have any idea why this might be happening? Know how to fix it?
> > Alternatively, do you know of a library that might obviate my coding
> > this up?

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