Thursday, March 31, 2011

Few problems with creating/ updating entities with requestfactory and appengine


i have a few problems with updating/creating entities. My model is very simple :

Company {
    .... some fields .....

Addres {
    ..... some fileds ...

Of course AddressProxy is subtype of the ValueProxy. 
I'm running my sample in devmode using  appengine. 
Here are the problems/questions. 

1. When I want to fetch all the companies with the corresponding address I have to, on the server side, iterate over the list and call company.getAddress() to really fetch the embedded address object. Calling list.size() it's not sufficient to get rid of lazy loading. Of course on the client side I'm calliing with(String[] paths) on the request context object.
Does anybody has similar problem as mine when using appengine?

2. During updating the entity when I change only the field from the company entity for example name the change is not saved to the storage, from logs I see that rf sends the new name to the server, but it's not being persisted. But when I change the name field and also one of the fields of the embedded address object, the changes are persisted successfully.

3. Version remains the same, even after successful entity update. 

4. After flushing of the requestFactoryEditorDriver the changes are not being reflected in the proxy passed to the edit method. How can I obtain changes and see what has been changed , before sending them to the server ?

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