Thursday, March 31, 2011

How can I unit test some basic JavaScript overlay objects with the need for a Servlet and GWTTestCase ?

I have a few JavaScriptObject overlay types that I need to check for correct behaviour.
They basically represent data that I receive from a JSONP request.
I tried adding a servlet for testing that would serve the JSONP following the JUnit testing docs of GWT but
I noticed that it does not start the servlet that I configured in the MyTest.gwt.xml file and I don't want to
expose this testing servlet in the web.xml of my application.
Any ideas on how I could do this as a real unittest (without GWTTestCase).
I can easily generate the json payload but that is using code that is not GWT compilable.
I have no way to instantiate the JavaScript overlay object (because it gives an error that it could not bind the native methods)...
is there a way that I could somehow let this run with Rhino ? I just need to be able to check that my overlays are compatible with the data that I generate.

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