Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Re: JsInterop - How to access window object

On Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 4:44:22 PM UTC+1, grebesche wrote:
I want to use JsInterop to interact with a library that define a global object in the window (`window.gantt`).
I have defined the @JsType interface for this object `gantt`.

But now, how can I access this object in my GWT code?

Assuming you're talking about a "singleton" (global instance), then the simplest would be to have that method somewhere (anywhere):

@JsProperty(namespace=JsPackage.GLOBAL, name="gantt")
static native Gantt getGantt();

Gantt here would be your native JsType (beware of the namespace="" and name="" on the JsType if you don't want class cast exceptions at runtime; if the type is unknown, then use a Java interface to model it, or use namespace=JsPackage.GLOBAL,name="Object" to make sure that a JS "instanceof" would work)

You could also declare a native JsType representing the global scope (window) with a field to get that "gantt" object, similarly to how Elemental 2 works:
@JsType(isNative=true, name="window", namespace=JsPackage.GLOBAL)
class GanttGlobal {
public static Gantt gantt;

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