Thursday, November 16, 2017



I have a tree structure of data with a lot of fields and relations. I used Editors to avoid too much code.
I have an additionnal feature implemented with Editors but not satisfiying.
For almost all fields in the structure a RedPoint is diplayed next to the field if it is still with the init value (ie: Not answered for RadioButton or empty for textfield...).
To implement that RedPoint feature, I added for each field a boolean fieldRP in the bean so that they are part of the editors.

In case of change, the bean is flush, each boolean are computed and the bean is edited again for display modification of redpoints.

I am looking for a simpler way of doing that. For example, use 2 beans so only flush of data and edit of boolean RP will be necessary.
But for my understanding of Editors, only one bean can be used...

Any help will be apprecied.
Thanks in advance

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