Friday, November 17, 2017

Re: GWT and Oracle

Hi!  I see this thread has been dormant for over a year, but I'm curious if anything ever came of the idea of using OracleJet from GWT?  We're probably rare birds, but I too would be interested in this - not necessarily just to use, but also to collaborate in making it possible.

I'm mostly interested in using the Jet widgets and the associated Alta styling.  This would enable porting an existing (large) GWT application away from GWT's toolkit.

I'm not as interested in having to use Knockout for databinding, since our app is already based on classic GWT MVP architecture that I would strongly prefer not to throw away (although, I wonder if holding on to all of this might be more trouble than it's worth).

Initially, my biggest bewilderment is related to require.js, which all of Jet seems reliant on.  How can one, with JSInterop, interact with require.js-managed Javascript code??

I've searched, but found nobody who has integrated require.js-managed Javascript with GWT + JSInterop.  I found some old stuff where require.js was bridged to GWT via JSNI (... no thanks).

On Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 8:35:14 PM UTC-4, Hristo Stoyanov wrote:
Oracle/Sun has history of failures on the client side ...

Oracle used to push ADF Faces, a JSF-bases library that went nowhere. Until soon, they were still thinking about MVC frameworks (remember  JSF and Struts back in the day?), thank god someone reminded them it is 2016 and they dropped MVC (JSR 371) from Java EE 8 for good.

One would think Oracle will do what is best for Java, stop the lawsuits and invite the GWT team to JCP, but this can only happen in some parallel reality ..

Having said all that, OracleJet is something I am interested in.  This is a "me too" approach for what SAP did with OpenUI5, but much better looking and with no "here-is-the-oss-version-but-buy-the-full-one" strings attached, truly open sourced . Major threat to Ext/Sencha, SmartClient, Kendo, etc.

The frequent release cycle and funded support is very re-assuring. The widget set and  business-oriented practicality in OracleJet is impressive - what they have achieved puts Google's cant-use-for-anything-serious multi-year effort, Material UI to shame.

The unpleasant part in OracleJet (for me at least) is the reliance of knockout, jquery and requireJs. Not exactly state-of-the-art stack. If those things can be stripped out and and the components reused with GWT/JsInterop that would be AWESOME! If someone is going into this direction, I would be very excited to collaborate!

On Friday, September 30, 2016 at 6:03:33 AM UTC-7, Eric Nissan wrote:
Hey just curious, does Oracle contribute to GWT at all?  I know they are in a battle with Google over Java (android), but one would think they could put that aside and contribute as GWT really does encourage Java usage.

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