Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Calling methods on Uint8Array is causing a ReferenceError in Super Dev Mode...

Hey folks...

I have some code that looks like this:

private native void myNativeMethod() /*-{
    var myArrayBuffer = [something that gets an ArrayBuffer);

private void myNonNativeMethod(ArrayBuffer buffer) {
Uint8Array uint8Array = TypedArrays.createUint8Array(buffer);
.byteLength(); // *** HERE ***

 At "*** HERE ***", that line runs fine when running compiled GWT code.

However, when run in Super Dev Mode, I get something like this:

Uncaught ReferenceError: $zIb_g$ is not defined
QHcb_g$.wHcb_g$ [as myNonNativeMethod_1_g$] (app-0.js:1350405:3)
FileReader.<anonymous> (app-0.js:1350882:25)

I tried a bunch of other methods, and they all get this error; toString() was successful, but all the others I tried failed like the above.

Anyone know why this might be?  Is there an issue with Super Dev Mode in dealing with these JavaScript wrapper classes?

- Tim

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