Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Re: Dynamic values in json parsing with GWT

On Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 11:19:56 AM UTC+1, Jens wrote:

Thanks for the early response. Can you give an example of getData(String key) method.

Sure, assuming your values are only strings you can do

public native String getData(String key) /*-{

If your values can also be number, boolean, JS Object you need additional methods, possibly also doing some type checking. 

Given that JSNI won't work in future GWT I would really take a look at jsinterop.base.JsPropertyMap which is a generic class to work on JavaScript objects.

@JsType(isNative = true, name = "Object", namespace = JsPackage.GLOBAL)
public class Result {
String[] columns; // or JsArrayLike<String>
JsPropertyMap<String> data;

That should be enough (and much much simpler/shorter than with JSNI).

Migrating a JSNI getData(String):String to JsInterop would be quite easy too:

@JsType(isNative = true, name = "Object", namespace = JsPackage.GLOBAL)
public class Result {
@JsProperty public native String[] getColumns();
@JsOverlay public String getData(String key) {
return getData().get(key);
@JsProperty private native JsPropertyMap<String> getData();

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