Saturday, November 11, 2017

GWT ClasscastException when casting from java.lang.String(json) to

We are working with the Web application which was developed by using GWT and smart gwt project. Currently we are using
GWT-2.5.1 and smart gwt-5.0 in our application.Now we wanted to upgrade our smart gwt upgrade to 6.1 from 5.0 but not changed the GWT. 

We got the compilation error with smart-gwt-6.1 with GWT-2.5.0. So we also migrated GWT to 2.6.1. Now we are able to compile our application successfuly.

We have got the runtime exception like below.


     public void transformResponse(Object data) { // data contains json string
        JavaScriptObject jsObj = (JavascriptObject) data.// This line causes the below excepton
        ClassCastExcetion: java.lang.Strig can not cast to Object.

This code was working with the earlier versions of smart-gwt and GWT. but now it is throwing this exception.

Firstly I was not be able to find any documentation about compatability of smart-gwt and gwt. 

Could any body tell me how to solve the above issue and how to handle this upgrade of smart gwt. 

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