Tuesday, September 19, 2017

SuperDevMode recompiles RPC since they are unchanged

We are using GWT 2.7.0, and trying SuperDevMode. Works well unless you restart the jetty server. After starting jetty in superdevmode and launch chrome (sdbg) it compiles and generates rpc manifests. Well no problem, when you shutdown and start jetty, same compilation/calculation thing happens again without ANY CHANGE made in the files. Nothing changed i mean just a restart.

We have 20 RPC services and each has many methods and returning too many types unfortunately taking too long(~5 min/each). Its too interesting that although we currently use Legacy mode (although it was deprecated) it works at acceptable speeds(~90secs for ALL) under this conditions with Firefox 26.

This really stops/aborts/cancels us on development. Should switching to 2.8.1 make sense? Or what we are doing unexpected by the SuperDevMode? Or is this a needed thing?

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