Monday, September 25, 2017

GWT 2.8.1 Super dev mode error uibinder

Hi all!

I tried to use super dev mode in my project, but faced with compilation problems.

There are a lot of error like 

Computing all possible rebind results for 'com.wktransportservices.wktsadmin.web.client.adminmodule.view.EventPopupDialog.EventPopupViewUiBinder'
            Rebinding com.wktransportservices.wktsadmin.web.client.adminmodule.view.EventPopupDialog.EventPopupViewUiBinder
               Invoking generator
                  [ERROR] Bad prefix on <null:HTML>? The root element must be in xml namespace "" (usually with prefix "ui:"), but this has prefix "null": <HTML> (:3)
         [ERROR] Errors in ''
            [ERROR] Line 34: Failed to resolve 'EventPopupDialog.EventPopupViewUiBinder' via deferred binding


<ui:UiBinder xmlns:ui=""
<c:CustomFlowPanel addStyleNames="form-panel event-popup">
<g:FlowPanel addStyleNames="body" ui:field="eventsContainer">
<!-- Events will be put here -->
<g:FlowPanel addStyleNames="manage-buttons">
<c:CustomButton i18nId="close" addStyleNames="manage-button primary-button" ui:field="closeButton"> </c:CustomButton>


I run via IntelliJ Idea 2017 with parameters

-port 7001 -logLevel TRACE -codeServerPort 7002  -noserver -war F:\dev\jetty-distribution-9.4.7.v20170914\jetty-distribution-9.4.7.v20170914\webapps

Could somebody point me right direction.

PS: package of files I've removed 

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