Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Re: How do you create a custom HTML element?

Wow! Thank you so very much. This is extremely helpful. :)

On Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at 5:53:59 AM UTC-4, Jens wrote:
If you have a larger view which should contain a datalist for a given input then something like the following might work (untested):

  ... some view stuff
<g:TextBox ui:field="inputBox" />
<datalist ui:field="datalist" />
  ... some view stuff

class MyView {

@UiField TextBox inputBox;
@UiField Element datalist;

public MyView() {
.setId("countries"); // maybe you can set it in xml as well but it could be that GWT overrides it if it uses temporary ids to get a reference to all @UiField annotated widgets/elements during construction of the uibinder.
.getElement().setAttribute("datalist", "countries");

You can either fill the datalist statically in your xml or dynamically using Document.get().createElement("option") in your java class.

If you want a datalist component that you can use with UiBinder then you should extend Widget and not Composite. A very simple example might look like:

public class DataList extends Widget implements HasHTML {

public DataList() {

public void setId(String id) {

public void connectTo(TextBox box) {
final String uniqueId = Document.get().createUniqueId();
.getElement().setAttribute("list", uniqueId);

public void setOptions(Set<String> options) {
Element datalist = getElement();
for (final String option : options) {
Element optionElem = Document.get().createElement("option");
.setAttribute("value", option);

public String getHTML() {
return getElement().getInnerHTML();

public void setHTML(final String html) {

public String getText() {
return getElement().getInnerText();

public void setText(final String text) {

The above class allows you to use setOptions() through code or <option value=".." /> child tags (well actually it allows any HTML code as child of <datalist>) in your UiBinder XML.

-- J.

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