Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Re: Problem compiling GWT code with Java9

There have been some changes [1,2] to make it (at least partially) work with a Java 9 VM; you can try HEAD-SNAPSHOT (from until we release 2.8.2 with the changes.


On Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at 9:49:20 AM UTC+2, Pratik Parikh wrote:
does anyone have an update on this sissu?  I am running into the same problem, so an update would help.

On Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at 12:08:29 PM UTC-4, James Nelson wrote:

I am currently very busy this week, but can try to schedule a push to maven central this weekend (I have other people waiting on it to use various other tools I dabble in as well).

Please remind me if I don't post links back here by next Monday.

Worst case scenario, I can just upload jars to github and push a gist of the pom I used, with some instructions on how to set the system properties to make it work.

I used the IDE to handle vm args, as standard maven plugins are less amenable to hacking / debugging (though I'm sure it must be possible, I did not have enough free time to get that far on it).

I'll probably update to latest java 9 spec, since the module system has undergone another iteration since I tried these hacks.

Please keep in mind, however, that my fork has diverged from mainline for quite a while, and does not undergo the same rigorous testing that you might expect.
In particular, if you start using any of the other features I've added (reflection, arbitrary magic method injection), it can break incremental recompilations.
It's a known issue I'm avoiding looking at, since most of the 2.X stack is going to go away, and I have to migrate all my magic into apt-generators to run as a pre-gwtc stage.

While I might be able to help you get something that works as a proof of concept, I would urge you to hold off on using it in production, as I am not (yet) ready to offer fulltime support.
A couple colleagues and I are playing with the idea of offering fulltime support and maintenance of 2.X around mid-September (barring a funding miracle for our current money-source).

So, please take this caveats to heart; I can probably get you up and compiling, but this should all be viewed as experimental and not-production ready for a while yet.

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