Friday, September 15, 2017

Data class in JsInterop

Hi, I need the following code needs to be generated:

function f(a,b) { return { a:a, b:b }; } 

This is super - easy in JSNI mode. However to be in the modern stream and to be portable I trying to do that using JsInterop

@JsType(namespace = JsPackage.GLOBAL)
public class JsClass {
  public String a,b; 

  public JsClass(String a, String b) { this.a=a; this.b=b; }

It seems to be working, however in the compiled code I see something super strange I can not understand:

function a_g$(){
  a_g$ = Object;

function Ezf_g$(){
  Ezf_g$ = Object;

function a3i_g$(a_0_g$, b_0_g$){
  this.a = a_0_g$;
  this.b = b_0_g$;

_.$init_1758_g$ = function Fzf_g$(){

where Ezf_g$ seems to be doing nothing, i_g$.call(this) is doing nothing, this.$init_1758_g$() is doing nothing, and a_g$() is doing nothing. 

What is this all for ? What am I missing? 
How go get the line I need with JsInterop ?


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