Monday, September 11, 2017

GWT Syntax question.

Hi there,

I have an easy question regarding the GWT syntax in bald below, as I have never seen one anywhere :)

I hope someone can help me a bit here.
   * Get a {@link Hyperlink} to a section based on the name of the
   * {@link ContentWidget} example.
   * @param cwClass the {@link ContentWidget} class
   * @param name the name to display for the link
   * @return a {@link Hyperlink}
  private <C extends ContentWidget> Hyperlink getHyperlink(Class<C> cwClass, String name) {
    Hyperlink link = new Hyperlink(name, Index.getContentWidgetToken(cwClass));
    link.ensureDebugId("cwHyperlink-" + cwClass.getName());
    return link;

Thank you.

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