Monday, September 25, 2017

Plurals (using 2 plural forms in one paragraph not working -> bug in GWT compiler?)


I have the following definition:

@DefaultMessage("{0,number} preceding items, and {1,number} " +
"followup items.")
@Description("Label showing the number of preceding items and " +
"follow-up items")
"none|one", "One follow-up item.",
"one|none", "One preceding item.",
"one|one", "One preceding item, and one follow-up item.",
"none|other", "{1,number} follow-up items.",
"other|none", "{0,number} preceding items.",
"one|other", "One preceding item, and {1,number} follow-up" +
" items.",
"other|one", "{0,number} preceding items, and one follow-up " +
String precedingAndFollowupMeetingCount(
@PluralCount(PluralRuleNoneOne.class) int precedingItemsCount,
@PluralCount(PluralRuleNoneOne.class) int followUpItemssCount);

I defined the PluralRuleNonOne.class as follows


public final class PluralRuleNoneOne extends DefaultRule {
public PluralForm[] pluralForms() {
return DefaultRule_0_1_n.pluralForms();

public int select(final int n) {

How the gwt compiler (with -extra) produces (among other things) the following properties file:

# Description: Label showing the number of preceding items and follow-up items
# 0=precedingItemssCount (Plural Count), 1=followUpItemsCount (Plural Count)
# - Default plural form
BE52173166487BB95708A7E45EB0752B={0,number} preceding items, and {1,number} follow-up items.
# - plural form 'none': Count is 0
# - plural form 'one': Count is 1

Now I wonder for what the red highlighted properties stand for. As there are TWO parameters it seems impossible to have a property like [none] or a single [one]?

Is this a bug in the GWT compiler or do I have some misconcept in my Message class?

Thanks for any advice


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