Thursday, September 14, 2017

Re: Iframe = multithreading ???

Hi Ben,

I see the time when you've posted the message and see the answers here, so I codn;t stop to write something here.
I will answer YES to your question, but it depends.

Generally, IFrame under the same domain is using the same thread. I don't know how it was at the time You've been asking, but now if you use IFrame with different origin (domain/host) it will use its own context, own event loop, so also ot will be separate thread.

Currently a Web Workers concept is using this behavior. The problem was always with communication between those two frames, so it was also solved by "Messages". You are able to post a message to different ORIGIN and addEventListener to "message" event to receive such messages, and voila! You have two way communication between threads :-)

So if you create a code that can be executed separately in different IFrame, and exeute it in different ORIGIN, then YES you will get REAL multithreading, not single event loop, real muti-event-loop :-)

On Thursday, September 3, 2009 at 12:51:09 AM UTC+2, ben fenster wrote:
i was wondering that if by opening another module in an iframe tag the
code of that module runs in another thread ??
more over is the limit of 2 open http request apply on 2 diffrent
modules running in diffrent iframes ??

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