Monday, November 21, 2016

Where can I find a sample for multi-module GWT app built with maven?

In the latest GWT 2.8.0 distribution webAppCreator tool generates pom.xml for a sample project from com\google\gwt\user\tools\templates\maven\pom.xmlsrc located in gwt-user.jar. The groupId for gwt-maven-plugin is now set as net.ltgt.gwt.maven. According to this project disctincts itself from Mojo's Maven Plugin for GWT The provided documentation is very succinct compared to Mojo's; it says little if anything about multi-moduling (provides a link at, which I can't get my head around... simply how to use it). According to the site the latest update was made in Jan, while the Mojo's docs were updated in Oct. of this year. And I could find a ready to use example of multi-module GWT app with maven at, which unfortunately uses org.codehaus.mojo's gwt-maven-plugin. May be I can adapt this solution to use net.ltgt.gwt.maven gwt-maven-plugin somehow, or what should I do?

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