Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Re: GWT 2.8.0 released

Hi Daniel,

I am using GWT 2.8.0 and using -generateJsInteropExports with Polymer to access GWT elements, however I was able to get it successfully with 2.8 RC2 but getting error with 2.8 final version, 

gwt-elements.html:72 Uncaught ReferenceError: com is not defined(…)attached @ gwt-elements.html:72_invokeBehavior @ polymer-micro.html:455_doBehavior @ polymer-micro.html:445(anonymous function) @ polymer-micro.html:227whenReady @ polymer-micro.html:107attachedCallback @ polymer-micro.html:225attachedCallback @ polymer-mini.html:104QX_g$ @ MBAApp-0.js:6137Awc_g$ @ MBAApp-0.js:14157a2b_g$ @ MBAApp-0.js:10126initializeModules_0_g$ @ MBAApp-0.js:28Rp_g$ @ MBAApp-0.js:4391Up_g$ @ MBAApp-0.js:4461(anonymous function) @ MBAApp-0.js:4427t1b_g$ @ MBAApp-0.js:41(anonymous function) @ MBAApp-0.js:24127

getting this error.

Can you please suggest.


On Saturday, 22 October 2016 00:51:41 UTC+5:30, Daniel Kurka wrote:
Hi all,

I am very happy to announce GWT 2.8.0 on behalf of the GWT steering committee and the GWT team at Google.

You can download the release from http://www.gwtproject.org/download.html or from maven central.

on behalf of the GWT team

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