Monday, November 21, 2016

Re: GWT Code Splitting: The GWT Stuff and My Core Java Classes

I have reviewed the docs again. And still I am unsure if I have modularized the JSInterop / GWT part properly. Why?

as of the example all generic classes are duplicated in the modules. Means if my non-modularized code has a size of about 500kByte I am now getting nearly the same size for each module.
Let say I need to make 10 modules. In this case my codebase will explode to 5MByte of size. I cannot imagine that this is the "modularizing" approach of JSInterop. So I still assume I am doing something wrong.

Can someone clarify?

Am Montag, 21. November 2016 19:53:38 UTC+1 schrieb Ignacio Baca Moreno-Torres:
This is an exaggerated comment, but... you know that nowadays most of the pages uses various MB on each load, for example just opening apple store downloads 2M, just click ipad goes up to 6M. So... em, hehe codespliting a 1MB uncompressed JS (probably around 300k compressed) which is going to be cached forever is not very good place to dedicate your effort ;). Obviously is just an opinion. But the monolithic approach with the pretty nice unused resources purge algorithm of GWT is even better now than 5 years ago (I remark the 'purger' because you cannot purge if you do not compile the whole app at once). And it even support code splitting if you goes up to various MB of JS.

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