Thursday, November 24, 2016

Re: GWT UI Library: which one?

We started our project in Angular with bootstrap.
But after about 4 months we dropped in and re-started in GWT with Bootstrap 3. The UI looks identical, but we are much better in programming in Java (this may be a personnal preference).

But don't use that GWT bootstrap link you posted. That is for bootstrap 2. There is also a bootstrap 3 wrapper --> (and a demo
Also the bootstrap 2 wrapper isn't as good, used it in a project a few years back and it had quite a lot of problems. Bootstrap 3 wrapper is much better.

Op vrijdag 25 november 2016 08:26:31 UTC+1 schreef coderwurst:
A screen shot showing how the modern UI looks like is my task, but the examples that have been talked about so far look as if they are based on Bootstrap - my idea is to mock something using GWT-Bootstrap ( and compare this to a version with Angular2 and Bootstrap-UI (

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