Friday, November 25, 2016

Bug in IE11 with GWT project (White screen after some time)

Our team has a problem when running a GWT application on IE11. After some time, the content of the IE11 browser becomes white.
One of the characteristic of the problem is that this happens randomly, sometimes after 1.5 hours, sometimes a complete night, sometimes more (one of the requirement of the application is to keep it opened several days).

- GWT 2.8 version (bug is present with 2.7 version too (tested))
- Datatable (jquery datatable plugin) is in use (via JSNI) but the problem occurs with pure GWT as well,
- Application is requesting data to the server every 5 seconds via http GET request,
- To reproduce the bug faster I open 5 windows together (same application same data), after one night some of them are frozen (i.e. blank page) (mainly 2), some of them are still working,
- I am using local network,
- The problem does not occur with firefox version 45.4.0 (application for IE11 is compiled with the same user.agent property gecko1_8),

My question is:
Has anybody else already seen this strange behavior?
Has anyone any idea what I could try?
I already tried with enabling/disabling the "Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering*", I already tried with disabling all add-ons.

Thank you.

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