Saturday, November 26, 2016

Re: GWT 2.8 generates code 14% bigger than GWT 2.7

But IMO if you really care user experience you have other places to improve your page. I thinks updating to the last version is always a good idea, if any security or compatibility blocker problem is detected in your version you will need to update, and having a old version won't help. Also this helps move forward the community and the lib (GWT), because everyone focused in the last version, also focus the issues and improvements in that version.

The small step back eliminating the closure compiler just increase a bit the code size of your app. But 100k?! did you see the trends and the average code size of webs?, you should note that even uses 500k in 13request to load, and it's ""just"" a text inbox in the center of your window (

I might be wrong, but probably trying to embed the app.nocache.js in your index.html will gain some milliseconds, probably just that dummy change will get more ms than the cache-ables 100k you have lose without the closure pass. If your app is quite big, various MBs, you should take care than the first split point load a minimum as possible to show something to the user. But, in your case, less than a 1M, I think that using split point is not a good idea. Your code will get cached, and most of static apps already has more than 500k of JS, so your single page app having a 500k-1M of JS is pretty reasonable.

You can go forward and apply the progressive web concepts ( Pretty sure you get there without the closure compiler ;). Service workers will allow maximum control to preload other split point or resources, and to absolutely control how your app caches, so you can use previous version, load the next one and in the next page reload the new app version will be used. This is not easy at all, but... some time we focus on the optimization we have no control of (like the closure pass) and we don't apply other we have control of, but that requires our effort.

So, 😀 update to GWT 2.8! it's awesome!, try other solutions to improve page loads and share how you do it!

On Friday, November 25, 2016 at 10:39:44 PM UTC+1, Slava Pankov wrote:

I've tried WITHOUT any success to use closure compiler externally with GWT 2.8
Still want to find out exact steps to get it working :-(

On Friday, November 25, 2016 at 2:43:11 AM UTC-8, Kirill Prazdnikov wrote:

Hi Jens,

What if we have SSO linker ?
Then no hacks is needed, right ?
Then just run the Google Closure Compiler on the output.

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