Friday, November 25, 2016

Re: GWT 2.8 generates code 14% bigger than GWT 2.7

Do you have a step by step guide to run the closure compiler externally ?

Basically you would need to replicate what has been done programmatically in the removed ClosureJsRunner class. See commit

Looks like you have to
- define your own gwt_externs file to tell Closure Compiler which special GWT variables not to rename
- maybe create a hack.js file that exports gwtOnLoad function so it does not get removed by Closure Compiler. Maybe its not needed if also passing in the <module>.nocache.js file to Closure compiler. no idea.
- Give Closure Compiler the GWT output (your *.cache.js files including split points) in the correct ordering as split point files have dependencies (initial fragment, leftover, split points)

Thanks for your help, but unfortunately this does not look like a simple process to implement for GWT users like us.  For the moment we will remain in GWT 2.7 which generates a smaller code for our website, and hoping that future GWT versions will be able to reduce or at least maintain the same code size as version 2.7

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