Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Re: GwtMaterialDesign vs gwt-polymer-elements

Hi there, GWT Material contributor here.

It is frequently said that one of the "cons" of using GWT Material is that it is based on Widgets and it is not "future-proof". Well, about that, what I can say is: we support the current, stable version of GWT. So you can use GWT Widgets alongside GWT Material Widgets, and/or port your old GWT app to Material piece by piece, instead of having to port everything right away.

That said, when GWT 3.0 will be released, GWT Material will support it. If that means dropping support of Widgets, we will do, while not breaking existing code whenever possible.

If you want to stay away from UiBinder and use a more designer-friendly framework, GWT Material also works with Errai,

It's nice to know that some of your are mixing Polymer and GWT Material. That can really empower your apps in nice ways. Keep the feedback coming =)


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