Saturday, January 2, 2016

Re: GWT Plugin For Eclipse; Ubuntu 64-Bit; XULRunner Issue

Well, GWT Designer was an attempt to bring the old Swing/AWT development feel to GWT, but the time has passed and now everyone just use HTML/CSS directly - which is far better when you have web designers on your team.

That said, in my opinion, you should use UiBinder for UI, and to be able to fast switch to GWT when 3.0 comes, try to use pure HTML elements as much as you can.

The default Widgets from GWT are too basic (and most of the times not mobile-friendly), so you probably should use a 3rd-party framework with more advanced components. Take a look at Vaadin and GXT, but if you want to stay on pure GWT, gwt-material project is a good way to go.

On Wednesday, December 30, 2015 at 3:21:08 AM UTC-2, KGD wrote:

        I continued to search and it appears that the GWT Designer functionality doesn't work with GWT 2.6.0 but does work with GWT 2.6.1 but then fails with GWT 2.7.0.  

       Is the GWT 2.7.0 release note: "GWT Designer doesn't work with 2.7 and is no longer supported." accurate?  If so, is there any alternative to allow the continued use of GWT but with some other GUI for layout management?


On Tuesday, December 29, 2015 at 11:46:51 PM UTC-5, KGD wrote:

   I have been developing an app with GWT and have recently moved my development platform to a 64-bit Dell Poweredge running Ubuntu 15.10.  I installed Eclipse Mars. 1 Release (4.51) and downloaded and installed the GWT Plugin and SDK.  When I attempt to open the GWT Designer, I initially received a message stating that I did not have a compatible version of XULRunner installed.  I finally found what was listed as a compatible version at and installed it.  Now, I no longer get the error message but GWT Designer still does not open.  Rather, it freezes with a dialog box that states 'initializing.'  From the log, it appears that it starts the local http server.  At this point, I am dead in the water.  I don't see anything else in the logs that indicate what the problem is.

  I would greatly appreciate any feedback or direction on resolving this issue.  My code compiles correctly but GWT Designer simply will not load.  



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