Sunday, January 31, 2016

Re: Large no of gwt modules

  I implemented a large GWT application using turducken pattern, I do not think that GWT need something specific to dynamically load modules, remember that a GWT app is just a JS file, and can be externally charged by a component that is responsible for this, with the particular logic, according to your modular design and dependencies.
  You must have a cross event bus that can receive and send messages, then, every module, GWT or not, can translate addressing scheme, for example, Activities and Places in a GWT module.
  In each module, you can use code splitting, to increase efficiency.

I hope help with this.


El miércoles, 27 de enero de 2016, 6:19:29 (UTC-3), Rajesh Gupta escribió:
We have large no of gwt modules.

Code splitting is not option for large no of GWT modules.  See the issues as clearly explained in turducken pattern.

Will 2.8 release or 3.0 release fix the full page refresh problem.  Will it have feature to use GWT modules with out full page refresh.
Will 2.8/3.0 have features to dynamically load/unload gwt modules.  


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