Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Is GWT not being massively adopted because the crawler problem?

Hi, the title is provocative. I wanted to ask 2 questions in the same thread. I love GWT, no doubt is the framework that delivers higher productivity. But I quit using it 2 years ago because google robots where not able to properly index my pages despite I implemented the escaped fragment specs. Disappointing.

On the other hand, I would expect much more traction in a Java framework than can combine presentation (Bootstrap) with presentation login (any JS libraries) and server side. But barely you can see job openings in the market demanding GWT. Even, the last message in this list is 40 days old.

So, I want to raise the question:

* what is stopping GWT against other frameworks? Is the problem with crawlers?

* what i the current status of crawler, HTML generation and search engine robots?

I have a mixed feeling with GWT, I love it... but my experience says that I should not use it.


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