Thursday, January 28, 2016

background image on panel in GWT

Hi all,

I am using Netbeans project,and I have attached image to correct my problem

my problem is in my project I have class extends FlowPanel, I want to add the Image as background on this class. The image from images folder 

I tried css as well as class itself. ie.
the css is
    background-image: url("\cti\gwtdemo\client\images\intelview-bkground.jpg");
    background-color: lightgray;

 and in the class i have written

public class DesktopPanel extends FlowPanel {

    private final ClientMain cmain;
    Image image = new Image();

    public DesktopPanel(ClientMain cmain) {
        this.cmain = cmain;
        // add(new Label("Desktop"));


but I could not see the image in Panel. please go through the attached file and correct my problems 

Thanks in advance

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