Thursday, January 21, 2016

Re: Is GWT not being massively adopted because the crawler problem?

Hi guys, first time that I post something.
It's been 1 month since I started to look up to GWT thanks to GWT.create 2015. I'm just a newbie programmer of 1-2 year experience in Java, none in web and mobile. 
I really tried to understand  what GWT is but I'm having an hard time, especially when it comes to GWT 2.8 with do's and don'ts to survive 3.0 update. 
My feeling is that GWT is less popular just because it's hard to begin with. I'm sure that if I watched one or two videos/tutorials about Angular I could get the hang of it easily.
Even I watched these two video that I find great, I'm still a bit lost :

It's like you can do the same thing but fundamentally coding it in a different way. Which is pretty cool for advanced programmer but for a newbie programmers like me, it makes me feel a bit lost ^^.

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