Sunday, September 13, 2015

Symbol not found in symbolMap file?

I use the GWT deobfuscators (class: StackTraceDeobfuscator), on the server side to deobfuscate the received stacktrace (GWT version 2.7.0).

However, I noticed that it can't deobfuscate a received exception (in web mode). I know it worked in the past, but can't find a cause why it doesn't work now/anymore.

The symbol maps files are copied from the extra output directory and put on the server.
The permutation name is "A0A15F28658DBD26FB97FC50FD5BC29C" and the file A0A15F28658DBD26FB97FC50FD5BC29C.symbolMap is present and readable by the tomcat server (tomcat is the owner of the symbolMap files).

First I thought it can't read/find the file, but I don't think that is the case (should work as well, as that code hasn't changed in a long time)
I notice that the received client stacktrace contains a class with name "S1376", but when I look in the symbolMap, I can't find it :( (I see symbols like Fd, Fi)... I don't understand this symbol "S1376", it looks very "large" when noticing that most symbols in the symbolMap file are 2 characters long.
What is going wrong here ? I don't use the sourceMap files, should I?, Maybe that's why the characters start with an "S"... (I never used the sourceMap files)...

Any idea ?
- Ed

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