Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Re: JsInterop hello world

Thank's Jens, your help is much appreciated. For now I will definitely go for a no-renaming approach.

It must be something with the way I run my code server.

I still get the same error, and when I inspect the generated javascript in my browser, it still has the obfuscated format. 
The generated javascript in the war file however, looks much better.

Maybe I just need to get the configuration of my gwt-maven-plugin right.


Den tirsdag den 15. september 2015 kl. 23.32.36 UTC+2 skrev Jens:
Ok just played a bit and its like the following:

@JsExport // value attribute is ignored here, probably because it acts as a shortcut to apply @JsExport to any static member
@JsType // required so you also have exported instance members (your sayHello method) and not just static members
@JsNamespace("poc") // the default namespace, should probably go in a package-info.java file
public class JsHello {
public String sayHello(String name) {
return "Hello " + name;

With the above you can do

var hello = new poc.JsHello(); hello.sayHello("World");

If you want to rename JsHello to Hello you do

public class JsHello {
@JsExport("poc.Hello") // replaces any @JsNamespace default value so you need to add namespace here
public JsHello() {}
public String sayHello(String name) {
return "Hello " + name;

I would try to avoid renaming, as you must repeat the namespace in @JsExport. Just name your classes correctly and stick with the first example with @JsNamespace in a package-info.java file.

-- J.

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