Saturday, September 12, 2015

Re: Basic SuperDevCompiler + SuperDevModeUI Library

Using intellij GWT run configuration with Tomcat7

I assume you have an exploded war artifact configured in IntelliJ that you deploy it using a Tomcat7 server which is also configured inside IntelliJ. In that case add "-war /path/to/war-artifact" to your GWT run configuration as DevMode parameter. Once you do that all public resources as well as a special <module>.nocache.js file will be copied to your IntelliJ artifact which you can then deploy to Tomcat7.

If you don't add that "-war" parameter yourself in the GWT run configuration then IntelliJ will use some temp folder for it which obviously will not be the folder of your exploded war artifact configured inside IntelliJ and that you are going to deploy. Thats probably why you had problems with it.

-- J.

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