Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Re: How to support new version and old version like Google Inbox?

Take a look at HTML5 appcache: http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/appcache/beginner/
And the great library for GWT: http://realityforge.org/gwt-appcache/


On 15/09/15 10:30, Shawn Johnson wrote:
I'd like to have smoother updates to our GWT application, and not break client's that are actively on the site.  We are using GWT 2.7, RPC, and code splitting features.  I'd like to give users an experience similar to Google's Inbox (GWT) application - where a nice, non-intrusive notification appears notifying the user of a new version of the application - and allows them to reload when they get to a good point.  Currently we see errors in the logs after a deployment, indicating users' client application is attempting to make an RPC call to an outdated endpoint, or trying to load a .js fragment (code-split) that no longer exists.  I'd almost like to see a versioning of the relevant parts, so maybe the build process and linkers(?) might be more version aware.  

Something like:


Any thoughts or ideas?

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