Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Re: Mixing Html and Widgets in UiBinder

Any idea what will be UI Binder replacement in GWT 3.0 and above ? 

Well I hope that UiBinder can be made GWT 3.0 friendly however that would require code changes in each app (you would need to place annotation on your UiBinder sub interface and replace GWT.create() calls). Also a good way to trigger APT when resource files (*ui.xml) are updated would be required. However before that Widgets/Elements would need to be ported to GWT 3 as well.

Alternatives might be Singular once it is released or Elemento which is already based on annotation processors. Elemento is pretty similar to Errai UI and I would guess its kind of a proof of concept how to move Errai, or parts of it, to GWT 3.

-- J.

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