Monday, September 14, 2015

Re: GWT release cycle

Kind of funny ;-D

Personally I think we could get away with that if GWT would just do a release every 2 month of whats in master branch (and verified that it works against all Google GWT apps) and use annotations to mark experimental stuff thats not yet finalized. Google itself builds everything from HEAD instead of using fixed releases (so there is a discrepancy between the workflow of the company paying GWTs main committers and the outside world) and developers in general are often not so much interested in also doing PR work. So I think its not that unsurprising that there might be a bit of silence between releases if you do not follow commits and do not read steering group meeting minutes.

At work we also use GWT's master branch so we have to keep track of commits and thus we kind of see whats going on even if there is no active communication.

But at least for GWT 2.8 I guess you can expect something like mid/end October as JsInterop 1.0 is expected to be finished at the end of september with a release shortly after that (according to steering group meeting minutes).

-- J.

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