Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Using super-dev mode - please help


I've a project that started with GWT 2.0 and now is updated to GWT 2.6.0.

- NetBeans 8.0 with latest GWT plugin
- JDK 1.8.0_11 x64 working on compatibility mode (sources version 1.6)
- About 30 GWT modules

In order to make app working as secure as possible, everything compiled is destined to sub-folder /secure (by everything, I mean all jsp pages, the servlets - inculding RPC service implementations - etc).
All works fine, but we are facing that someday we will have to leave the beloved DEV mode.

Our problem is that we cannot get the source map found when running in super-dev-mode. Where it is supposed to be in **release** app (because source structure in NetBens is separated from runtime structure, and I would like to filter out everything unneeded to avoid bloated WAR file).

Currently, without any LIB (.jar), our app already has 46Mb on size (only .jsp and generated js files), which is big enough.

Is there any setting where I can point where the source maps reside?

Thanks in advance for your support.



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