Wednesday, July 23, 2014

splitlayoutpanel with celltable wrapped in scrollpanel


I have a splitlayoutpanel with a simple list added to west and the center contains a dynamic number of celltabels in a vertical panel (the celltable is wrapped in a scrollpanel because it might have over 20 columns)

My current solution:

Splitlayoutpanel in its center a simple flowpanel with its overflow y set to auto
Ontop of that a vertical panel on each cell of the vertical panel a celltable wrapped in a scrollpanel.

However thats not the best solution..
Right now i need a windowresize handler to calculate the width of each scrollpanel. When i resize the layoutpanel with its splitter no resize event is ofc thrown and nothing happens.

I need a better Layout Management i guess.
Hope you can help me

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