Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Re: How to access “locale” value (of an Internationalization App) in server side in GWT?

I found the currect solution that is to use LocaleInfo

LocaleInfo localeInfo=LocaleInfo.getCurrentLocale();
String locale=localeInfo.getLocaleName();
SetLanguage action=new SetLanguage(locale);
.execute(action, setLanguageCallback);

On Tuesday, July 29, 2014 4:07:47 PM UTC+10, Tom wrote:

Ok, I am developing an app that supports Internationalization. I am using Static String Internationalization method for my app.

Let say my app can have English & German version, so -1st, I created MyMessages.java which has all message texts written in English. Then I created an MyMessages_ge which is almost the same as MyMessages.java except that the text written in German

-2nd, in MyProject.html i have <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"> to make sure it will support all languages

-3rd, in MyProject.gwt.xml I have <extend-property name="locale" values="ge"/>

Now I run my app in eclipse http://localhost:8888/MyProject.html?gwt.codesvr= & it shows all the German text as I expected.

However, I have a need to know that my app is German At Server Side. That means whenever my GWT Gui in German version then my server will know that languageCode=1 if it is in English so server will use the default language languageCode=0

Here is what I did. At HeaderPresenter.java

@Override  public void prepareFromRequest(PlaceRequest request){      super.prepareFromRequest(request);      String locale=request.getParameter("locale", "");      setLanguage(locale); // servercall back here  }  

so when my app run first time it should let server to know which language the Gwt app is using

@Override  public SetLanguageResult execute(SetLanguage action, ExecutionContext context)          throws ActionException {      String locale=action.getLocale();      if("ge".equals(locale)){          Data.languageType=1;      }      return null;  }  

However, it doesn't seem work When I go to orderPage the url will be http://localhost:8888/MyProject.html?gwt.codesvr=!orderPage it not in the form http://localhost:8888/MyProject.html?gwt.codesvr=!orderPage;locale=ge that is why server couldn't capture the locale value.

I think I misunderstood something here. I'm quite confusing.

So How to access "locale" value (of an Internationalization App) in server side in GWT?


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