Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Styling DataGrid headers

I've configured my DataGrid with a custom CSS file like so:

  public interface UsersDataGridResources extends DataGrid.Resources
    DataGrid.Style dataGrid();

  private static final int DEFAULT_PAGE_SIZE = 50;
  private static final UsersDataGridResources usersDataGridResources
    = GWT.create(UsersDataGridResources.class);
  static { usersDataGridResources.dataGrid().ensureInjected(); }

  private DataGrid<User> usersGrid_
    = new DataGrid<User>(DEFAULT_PAGE_SIZE,usersDataGridResources);

I've specified a normal font in usersDataGrid.css:

.dataGridHeader {
  font-weight: normal !important;
  text-decoration: none !important;

This isn't being reflected in what I see when the grid is rendered.  I'm specifying the column headers as simple strings, not Cells.  Is there a different property I need to configure?



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